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Queen of All Saints Elementary School was opened in 1910 under the direction of Sisters of Saint Joseph. Classes were held in two rooms above St. John's Chapel, situated on the present site of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School.

When the present building was completed in 1913, Auxiliary Bishop Mundelein, the pastor, increased the faculty to five Sisters. Later three Christian Brothers were added. The Brothers taught the boys in the upper grades, the Sisters taught the girls in the upper grades and all students in lower grades. In 1926 the Brothers withdrew and were replaced by Sisters.

In 1922 there was a desperate need for another Catholic High School for girls. Monsignor Coan offered the empty rooms in Queen of All Saints School to the Bishop for a parish high school. Monsignor McClancy, superintendent of schools, endorsed the undertaking. In September 1922 four Sisters opened the first term of high school with one hundred sixty students. In January three more Sisters were added to the faculty.

In 1926, When Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School opened, Queen of All Saints parish high school became the annex. In 1973 Queen of All Saints High School was discontinued, and the entire building was used to educate elementary school students in grades one to eight under the leadership of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

During the 1970's the Catholic Elementary Schools of the Diocese of Brooklyn began the process of consolidation. Queen of All Saints School and Sacred Heart Elementary School were consolidated under the name Fort Greene Catholic Elementary School. The students were housed in two buildings: Fort Green Catholic on Vanderbilt Avenue and Fort Greene Catholic on Adelphi Street. In 1986 the Adelphi building was closed and all students attended Fort Greene Catholic School at Vanderbilt Avenue.

In 1991 with Reverend Anthony Rucando as pastor, and Sister Frances McCool, CSJ as principal, the school returned to Queen of All Saints Parish Elementary School.

Today, under the direction and leadership of Ms. Theresa Attianese as principal, and Fr. Joseph Ceriello Pastor as Administrator, the school continues to serve the members of the parish as well as the people of the surrounding communities.  



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